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Yoga is a lifestyle that came to me ... when a well known celebrity made a Yoga video in the 90's, it was a Christmas gift and for the next year it would be my regular practice. 

It wasn't long before I knew some names of the postures and sequences that I started attending classes. I'd meet some really interesting people, felt positively inspired by the teachers and found myself prioritising my practice.

It felt good, and soon my friends wanted a piece of the action and asked me to teach them, though teaching others was something quite alien to me, so eventually I did a course to become a qualified yoga teacher, teaching Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Yoga Nidra.

Yoga was a physical, emotional and spiritual practice that I gravitated to through disappointment and injury resulting in a calmness and temporary state of relief. The injury threw me off track, yoga saved me. From years of weight training in gyms and poor stretching, I'd lost my flexibility, and eventually my body called out for help and this started my yoga journey over 15 years ago. I wanted it back. 

With a degree in Psychology I've always had an interest in the human mind, being the student would help me, and teaching would help them. 

It's a self discipline ...

From focused breathing and movements I am able to become completely present and be grateful for that moment.

​To maintain the best shape of the body and mind is Yoga, Yoga inspires fitness in different aspects for everyone, and I want to help people connect to that.

My Instagram account @beppeyoga became important to me, because it gave me a channel to keep up to date and make me accessible to a whole world of yoga out there.